I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed on this website are my own.
This policy applies to all of my sites and network profiles.

This website is a personal blog of an enthusiast, which is made for entertainment purposes. (website and public profile) is NOT related to any other business endeavors in which its webmasters or owners may be employed.

I strongly believe in sharing honest opinions, and I greatly value my own experiences. All reviews will be conducted in a good will (or not at all) and with a serious amount of mindful appreciation – but they will be my humble opinion based on my personal experiences.

If you are a company producing something (“the product”) related to 3D printing, CNC or laser engravers – I will gladly review and showcase your product, under some flexible conditions:

  1. You should contact me first. Don’t send your product blindly, without agreement. We need to discuss if I can even accept your product and accept the serious commitment to review/showcase your product in a proper way.
  2. Please don’t assume that I need your product. I don’t. If you decide to send me the product (machine, electronic parts or consumable material) don’t expect that it will be treated as some kind of endorsement or payment.
  3. Any product I receive is kindly treated as a gift, with no strings attached, but with grateful and polite acknowledgement. After publishing the article/media about the product – the product will be (most likely) used in a my workshop for some time and then given away. Please don’t expect me to return the product – this will not be possible.
  4. Please understand that I can’t invest in a promotion of your product, other than my time and effort. I can’t pay for shipping, customs, return shipping, material, upgrade parts… If you are sending me a machine, please include some consumable material for the show. If you wish me to upgrade your machine, please send the upgrades along with the machine. You are responsible for shipping and customs costs.
  5. All the opinions about the product, operation and consumable material will be based on my personal experience. I can’t guarantee a positive review. I will not accept money to write something I don’t believe.
  6. In many cases I will tray to change, modify or upgrade the product. I will point out some shortfalls (IMHO) and share information how to avoid disadvantages or upgrade the product to the full potential. I will use the product in a good will, show it to the world and share information how to get the best from the machine or material.
  7. The reviews and showcases will be done as soon as possible, but without any specific commitment for a publishing date. Sometimes I get really busy and if there is a critical date for promotion – we should agree about it in advance.