Collaboration Proposal


We are always looking for a fresh content and a new technology to present and promote on our social networks with @Namu3D profile: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Amazon and blog. If you find any opportunity for collaboration in promotion of YOUR products, please contact us by e-mail or using direct message on Instagram @namu3d profile.


WHO WE ARE: We are small group of engineers, passionately involved in 3D printing. All our efforts are represented online trough @Namu3D public profile and promoted on many social networks and blog. We are passionate about working in the 3DP industry, and always looking for more professional engagement!

WHAT WE ARE DOING: We are creating visually appealing content and publishing this content to promote brand awareness, consumer engagement and media exposure for various 3DP products, 3D printers, filament and Laser/CNC machines.

We don’t do one-time reviews, because honestly, we believe they are fake and pointless. We are showing machines in a real production or in DIY working environment while producing real results.

WHAT WE OFFER: If you send us machine or material, we will use it and we will show best production results on our social networks. We can do testing, evaluation, “reality-show” production, problem solving and upgrades. We are willing to invest considerable amount of our effort, time and resources – significantly exceeding retail value of the promoted products.

MUTUAL BENEFIT: We need access to new technology – so we are willing to work and collaborate in a mutually beneficial promotion of new products. We will grow and get famous 🙂 and you will get social media exposure, showing best production results and brand-resonating content. And we hope that you will find the way to use our passion for 3DP in your own marketing advantage.


Please check our networking accounts to see the work we are doing already,
Most of these sites are still evolving and growing rapidly – but please, come and grow with us!



☆ Product testing, review and showcase presentation
☆ Instagram photos showing best results
☆ YouTube time-lapses and shorts
☆ Product/News announcements on Twitter
☆ Material / filament showcase
☆ Promotion on Pinterest and Tumbr
☆ Improvements and problem solving
☆ Promotion on Thingiverse, Cults3D, MyMiniFactory
☆ Sweepstake & giveaway hosting
☆ Participation in Facebook groups and support forums
☆ Supporting positive opinion about your product

Actual list of networks is always fresh on ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆  
Currently, our reach is to ~70.000 customer unique accounts with 15% monthly (!) average growth.
Our current followers count is ~8.000+ growing at the rate of 5-7% monthly.


If you find any opportunity for mutually beneficial collaboration please feel free to contact us by e-mail or using direct message at Instagram profile.

We are hoping for long-term cooperation and many products tested and promoted!

Best regards,

N3D network