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This is ours collection of links related to 3d printing.
☆ Affitiate links will be marked with a little star ☆ Please read “marketing v.4.0. manifesto” at the bottom.

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3D Print manufacturers and shops

Some links to printer manufacturers, filament producers and shops


  • ☆ Anycubic
  • ☆ Creality3d
  • ☆ Tronxy
  • ☆ Kingroon


  • ☆ Fillamentum
  • ☆ Azurefilm
  • ☆ SunLu
  • ☆ Geeetech



If you have already decided to buy something online, please use affiliate links on this page and on other pages maintained by enthusiasts and makers. This way, one small part of your money stays in the community. Your price won’t change, you’ll pay the same amount anyways – but as a bonus, small affiliate commission will be added to a fellow makers account.

You will help someone in your community of makers and builder to continue creating more amazing content – instead of sending all your money to some faceless corporation.

That is why all affiliate links on this page are clearly marked with a ☆ star: (1) We don’t wanna hide that we need your help, and (2) we intentionally seek and use affiliate links whenever buying something from Aliexpress, eBay or Amazon -> because we believe that this will help to empower our friends, which empowers us in return.

We stand behind the products / links we recommend on this site. When you purchase a product through one of the links on this site, we will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) but we will NEVER link something just to make an commission.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS is a participating in the following affiliate/associate programs:

  • ☆ Amazon
  • ☆ Comgrow -> our a trusted source of branded printer parts.
  • ☆ -> our trusted source of filaments ( )
  • ☆ 3D Printers Online Store -> US based 3D printers marketplace, free shipping to US and EU
  • ☆ Banggood ☆ Gearbest ☆ Aliexpress -> … well, you know …

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