Gallery: Cults3d STL models

Our STL models on Cults3d.

For more information about each print job, please visit my IG profile @namu3d … All the details about design author, stl file download location, printer settings, print time etc. are written in my Instagram feed.

Vase STL models can be 3d printed in vase-mode – with a continuous extrusion of filament, eliminating many print-quality problems like inconsistent extrusion, stringing, and more. Vase mode printing is referred as “Spiralize Outer Contour” in Ultimaker Cura.

This mode enables you to print objects relatively quickly, while using less material. Using this feature, you can print the STL model with the thickness of just a single wall. 3D printed vases are some of the coolest looking 3D models you can make 🙂

We are offering STL files of many vases, pots and cups for you to download and print on your own 3d printer. Discover 3D models for 3D printing on our Cults3d profile ☆