About Namu3D

Who we are

Namu3d is an online social profile, which we use on many social networks, representing our 3D-printing-related interest, hobby, lifestyle, professional aspirations and a brand-name for our emerging online business.

Behind Namu3d: First of all, we are small group of humans – geeks, engineers, technicians and programmers – in love with DIY projects, Arduino electronics, Raspberry Pi, hydroponics, CNC/Laser machines, MMORP games and beekeeping – and off course, very very very enthusiastic about anything related to 3D printing technology.

What we want

We aspire to level-up our professional engagement in 3DP industry as high as possible. And we believe that we have enough passion and talent to start serious business in this niche, Our wish is to connect with 3DP manufacturers and producers, and slowly build our social network with other passionate professionals.

Business and pleasure

Please read our Proposal if you wish to connect and start cooperation in development, testing, manufacturing and promotion of 3D printing products.